1. Inner Retard

    Honestly, how can any self-respecting father tolerate this. If I were her father Terry Richardson and Miley’s agent wouldn’t have a face already on the count of me ripping it off. Then I’d turn my attention to my little girl acting like a fucking whore.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Well, I think I have some spanking material tonight

  3. Cock Dr

    You have to suffer for your art…and to get people to look at your talentless ass.

  4. Paully Boston Baby!

    I’m confused. Bc I’m a straight guy looking at a half naked young pop star. That sort of thing usually gets the boner-meter to at least move the needle a bit. But not here, not now.

  5. really Terry? Crotch goo? um, no, thank you, no.

  6. Lock the Cellar Door

    She has the dead eyes of an abused child.

  7. Spoonmanners

    Welp. Guess I’m gay. It was great while it lasted, everybody.

  8. Dox

    “Yank some cloth into your crotch…. yeah, that’ll be sexy.”

  9. “You guys act like you don’t like my pussy…*sniff*sniff*”

  10. whatever

    She must have been like this all her life. People don’t just start doing this nudeness and rudeness out of the blue.
    She must have been a little girl who ran around the house refusing to wear clothes, and swearing like crazy, acting out, flipping out, and nobody ever tamed her. They just dressed her up for work and made her be some pretend-normal girl on a TV show. As soon as she came home she went nuts and threw her clothes off, that whole family is freaky. And now she thinks this is OK adult behaviour. This is far from any kind of normal behaviour. Her parents failed her badly in raising her, or even caring now. She is a endless embarrassment from a normal human standpoint. She is this wild animal who thinks it is OK to be a wild animal, and she thinks the rest of the adult world are just like her. Normal people are NOTHING like her.

  11. eeeeww

    “okay Miley, now pull your bottoms up high on that sweet little pussy, ya, that’s it, oh my dick is so hard, fawn i love my job!” I’m a perv posing as a photographer

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