1. Cuddles

    That lying bitch said she’d stop doing the lizard tongue.

  2. I’m sure Daddy is so proud

  3. Daddy probably hit that.

  4. Deacon Jones

    I would love to hit that!!!

  5. I viewed this in full size, but her breasts did not get any bigger.

  6. What no landing strip?

  7. I like how the head post photo says NSFW. I think we all knew that when we saw the post was about Miley Cyrus.

  8. KingRamses

    Maybe she does the tongue to hide the lower half of her face. Starting with her buck teeth, then downwards, she has a case of incest face.

  9. KingRamses

    What does everyone else think?

  10. rican

    Well, at least she brushed that disgusting layer of gunk from her tongue.

  11. Vapid

    Sinead O’Connor made good points. But Miley also seems to have it more together than the photos alone suggest ( How is any of this different from what Madonna did?

  12. I believe we’re all thinking the same thing: “where does Terry Richardson get his extacy”

  13. anonymous

    So did Billy Ray nut in her left eye so bad that it gives her PTSD and she has to make this face everywhere?

  14. lawn

    That looks like a granny nipple.

  15. Vgdda

    OMG ! is that her Pu$$y ? I see it ..I see it

  16. neda

    God she is UGLY

  17. It’s just the way I pictured it.

  18. Hate Mongrel

    Walt Disney is spinning in his freezer.

  19. ReiR

    I used to say she had an ugly face but at least had a nice body- I would like to retract that.

  20. Oh, Hannah. Your hand bra can cover your tits, sort of, but it doesn’t cover the fact you’re a shrill auto-tuned succubus destined for doom.

  21. Odbarc

    Legalize whatever this bitch is taking. I want more young celebrities going nude for… what’s her reason? I just see tits.

  22. cc

    Hmmm, privacy patch of some sort or is she really raw?

  23. Christ Aguilera

    What the fuck?

  24. I wish she would die!

  25. Big Earl

    I love hot chicks. She’s not one of them. Keep your clothes on.

  26. I get why Cooter McTaintpic is trying to rebrand herself as a sex symbol (she’s rich as fuck and the music/ VOD movie career had petered out) but what I don’t understand is why people are letting her. She looks a whole lot like a thirteen year old boy. Why and how is that attractive?

  27. Interred Ferguson

    Seizure?? Stroke??? I sure hope she’s ok…..

  28. Blitzkrieg

    Out of protest, I will never masturbate to this dirty bitch again.

  29. Whoa…how cool! When did Bieber grow tits? Did puberty sneak up on him during the night?

  30. jakwad

    Not sure who the photographer is but he sucks ass.Much like the subject.

  31. Herman Bumfudle

    #fuck you’ve got me so in love with that beautiful little cunt.

  32. profoundwisdom

    hes been dying for attention ever since selena dumped him

  33. whatever

    I’d like to see her dad do this. You know, just for support. Do a little tongue out and peek-a-boo with his balls cupped like she has her breasts, wearing next to nothing, maybe some see through tank top, wink wink in the eye and like i said his tongue out as well. Then we’ll have equality, and all is well in the world. Support your daughter man.

    • KellyHaha

      He already is supporting her….haven’t you seen his new hip hop video? Gag. Its….umm…..interesting:?

  34. Ear ache

    Should the mentally disturbed be showen half nude

  35. She is the prefect girl for a Bi guy she can look like a boi and a girl and bonus she has a pussy but I bet she likes in in the ass also

  36. william zabel

    There isn’t enoug drugs or alcohol to make me want to hit that, especially after daddy done hit that. Eww, I do not take sloppy seconds. Especially after the guy that hit that should not have been within a hundred miles of that.

    Hey, I wonder if Liam ever got to hit that? Maybe that is why we don’t see him anymore, too many flashbacks.

  37. KellyHaha

    Um HI Mileys nipple….I’m Kelly…..Nice to meet you. *Peek-A-Boo I See You*

  38. Andrew

    Achy Breaky Hymen ?

  39. YUCK
    i am gonna be sick
    she looks an awful lot like justin
    i bet they are one and the same

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