1. God is Black

    Damn that penis has some bad herpes especially at the head?

  2. FattyFatty2X4

    When did Chris Brown have time to sit for this mock up with all the woman beating?

  3. joe

    Disney prostitot===========II===porn star

  4. Miley tweeted with this pic with the line, “Keeping up with the Kardashians, y’all!”

  5. Grand Dragon

    Ray J is laying under that table with the gloryhole.

  6. tim

    i want to teabag her hot little face so bad. then fuck her mom

  7. Alyssa

    What’s the big deal?? She’s 19! Living young and wild and free!! It’s not a real dick!! It’s a cake!! I prob would have done the same thing!! She’s just having fun!! I actually love this pic!! Stop hating ya’ll!!

  8. cc

    If I was her father, I’d be a bit disturbed at how authentic her face looks in this picture.

  9. Kim Kardashian is extremely jealous.

  10. Ironically, this is actually a step UP in classy behavior for Miley.

  11. boing

    whys is this sooo hott?

  12. KC

    Hannah Montana just got real, yo.

  13. She looks like she’d be a fun date.

  14. The Most Interesting

    Like Daddy always says: “T’ain’t dun right til the taint’s dun right!”

  15. Gutttboy

    snaggletooth + testicles = bandaids and ointment.

  16. Big Kev

    Miley knows her way around a penis. Trust me.

  17. VAxB

    Not the first black balls to grace her mouth I’m sure.

  18. Hey Yall, anybody got some syrup?

  19. Techman

    Her new business cards say:

    Miley Cyrus
    Professional salad tosser.

  20. RockIt

    Looks like she is giving a rim job and working the taint over good.

  21. Tyrone Biggums

    She definitely knows what she’s doing.

  22. LongDongBlackKong


  23. Mongo

    Someone tell her thats a penis, not a Vagina. Unless she likes to lick the taint alot..

  24. I am going to go out on a limb herevand guess that the back side of this cake is a giant vag.

  25. Jean

    She likes dicks like many other women, what’s the problem??

  26. Nina

    The black bits?!? Anus? Oh Miley, you really are a dirty girl!

  27. andi

    this is fabulous

  28. JeremyC

    Why it has a penis shape? is that a birthday of a pornstar? wtf? nobody asked that

  29. soya

    ewww nasty diseased looking penis

  30. schnitzel

    Wow, she really turned out to be a disgusting drug addicted skank, didn’t she.

  31. Vicki

    i once received a chocolate penis sucker on my birthday when i bartended. Did I suck on it provocatively in front of all the men around?
    -No. I’m not an attention whore… This pictures gross me out. She so desperately wants people to want to fuck her…

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