1. FattyFatty2X4

    When did she turn to the Dark Side?

  2. “Daddy says if I lick it right here, the cake will get bigger.”

  3. Snack pack

    Looks like Liam’s cake needs to learn to wipe front-to-back, not back-to-front. Good thing Billy Ray learned his daughter how to be a good girl and help out.

  4. Bobby Jones… you’re doing it weird.

  5. cc

    The hillbilly handshake.

  6. Evil Dick Tater

    Sinead contributed the difficult brown frosting BTW.

  7. Diggy

    If it works for Kim K, it’ll work for white mouth.

  8. aa

    looks like someone took a bite of the tip…

  9. Big Kev

    I know a guy who works backstage named Jamont. Miley likes ‘em big, fat, black and deep in her backside.

  10. your mom

    Warts on the balls, herpes on the tip… was this designed by Paris Hilton?

  11. Cock Dr

    I’m just shocked she apparently turned out heterosexual.

  12. Miley loves the taint. Good to know.

  13. sexyman48

    The smegma was a classy touch.

  14. jjkg

    What a nasty girl, I can’t believe she chose the balls to suck on, instead of the tip.

    it’s funny cause it’s cake and penis

  16. BAHAH

    Miley eats cock every weekend, nothing new here…

  17. starla

    Isn’t is nice how these Disney kids turn out? At least this one anyway. I sure bet Dad is proud of his little girl now. Miley your a ho. A fugly ho.

  18. schnitzel

    She is so disgusting. She needs to go away along with the Kardashian whores and Courtney Stodden.

  19. LS

    How does she get to drink when she’s under 21?

  20. Qusaed

    What a family of hicks.

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