1. whip

    you know how we call this in the netherlands?
    …………LATE PUBERTY, folks!!

    • mismy

      U guys missed Forrest!! I’ll do it– STFU Forrest

    • Sajid

      It’s just because she is foamus people care. Teenagers go through this stuff and if kids are going to copy her because she is her/an ex-disney star then their parents are didn’t raise them completely right because they should have taught their kids to not copy other people because they are foamus.

  2. After seeing the chocolate penis cake, Miley found herself wanting to suck every long black implement she could.

  3. When your boyfriend gets a giant penis cake for his birthday…well, how many warning signs do you really need?

  4. troll

    No, in the netherlands we call this : een erg grote aandachts hoer


  5. decalex

    That’s it. I quit the internet.

  6. nahhbicthitsme

    ????????? what does that suppose to mean????????

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