1. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    So the chipmunk was there, but she brougt no black nuts with her (which presumably explains Kim’s absence).

  2. “I need an even bigger train wreck then me. . . where are the Kardashians???”

  3. Big Earl likes 'em jung

    Miley is just not hot – no matter how little she wears. Now, if Katy Perry acted and dressed like Miley, that would be hot (slutty, but hot).

  4. Can’t sing, can’t act, and looks like Justin Bieber with tits. At least, she’s not a Kardashian.

  5. eat your artsy-fartsy heart art gaga, you will never ever have ‘the walmart edge’.

  6. TheGhost

    In all the pictures of a braless miley in a semi-see through shirt, she is wearing those pasties and everyone thinks they are seeing her hard nipples and areolas.

  7. Judd

    I guess the photographer forgot his extra-wide lense and therefore had to leave out the urine Queen (aka Moo-Moo-Kimmy)

  8. jaime

    I want to wake up with Kendall next me. The prettiest of the bunch.

  9. Zo

    iWh*reRadio Music Festival !

  10. Nicholi1120

    so is she going to release a sex tape or just go directly into porn?

  11. Miley’s hit rock bottom this time.

  12. Capn Obvious

    Jesus…I don’t advocate violence, but can you imagine how much one small nuke set off in the room would improve the world?

  13. Interred Ferguson

    At first glance, I was sure the Whordashian clan had paid a visit to Madame Tussauds.

    • Interred Ferguson

      Oh, yeah……also love the irony of Kourtney’s shirt…she’s squirted out more kids than any of them….sure wish she had been of age in those pics the FBI hunted down, ’cause that’s the only chance we ever stood of seeing them.

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