1. Amy

    Miley: I have a physically disabled daughter who has worked so hard to walk and I actually feel sorry for you that you need to park so close to go and EXERCISE! Think about it! Parking closer to save the energy so you can go pay to expend energy? I would think that you of all people would be grateful for your abilities and not need to take something that is not intended for your benefit. You could actually hire someone to carry you from the next space if you were too tired to walk one space further. If there are nearby regular spaces, we take them and leave the handicapped spots for those less fortunate than our own child. You should spend the day with my daughter to see the difference from her life to yours. I believe you would come away as an advocate for the disabled, not one who is disrespectful of their needs.

  2. Amy

    P.S. It’s ironic – your song “The Climb” is one of her favorites as it embodies the struggles she faces and how she tries to enjoy each moment despite the difficulties.

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