1. Miley Cyrus is 17 years old and she seriously dresses like a hooker. I remember she had this interview with Barbara Walters that they made a huge deal of, and she told Barbara that she wouldn’t turn out like Britney spears or any of the other stars because she stays “grounded” and respects herself. Thats complete bull. She doesnt respect herself going out without a bra in public, dancing on stage in basically a bikini, grinding on poles, having a music video where she’s rolling around on the bed, wearing the shortest shorts with ripped stockings. Her style is classless, easy, no talent.

  2. poopsmith

    serious side tit!!!

  3. John

    Her right leg looks like it’s just a stump in this picture. You guys would probably still f*ck her.

  4. Vito

    I wonder how long after her 18th birthday Miley will show the goods. I sure wish she’s hurry. Those tits look pretty good from here. And I’ll bet she has a pretty pussy!

  5. Ash Bones


  6. Vito

    Fish, Dude. You missed out. Would have been funny as hell if your headline said “Miley Cyrus Loses A Leg”.

    You could have started the story, “Singer/Dancer/Actress Miley Cyrus will perform at an angle from now on due to losing her right leg, from the knee down, during a butt-kicking contest…”

  7. LOL

    underboob tattoo and one on her leg

  8. This is why you should never go birdwatching without a hat on. Or a bra.

  9. burton

    this almost woman is gutter trash, money cant buy class can it…nope…i bet her dad has been molesting her for years. woudlnt surprise me.

  10. Soclose

    Why in the first picture does it look like she is wearing a black skirt, and then the rest she has shorts?

  11. HerpDERP

    17yr old side tit is quality.

  12. TJL

    26 days and these conversations about legality will be over. And about that time Miley here will go on a bender, something like Britney or Christina did when they had millions and no reason to listen to their parents anymore. I have been excited to watch this train wreck and see how she handles it.

  13. jenn

    ummm why is her boob out?
    why would you wear a shirt with a hole that big anywhere let alone right where your boob is located. does she have insanely sweaty pits? i do not understand.

  14. i love MILEY CYRUS!!!!!

    i love you MILEY CYRUS!!!!! you is my rolemodel!!!!! you is my favorite!!!!! you is a very very very very good person!!!!! MILEY CYRUS forever!!!!!

  15. i love MILEY CYRUS!!!!!

    i love you MILEY CYRUS!!!!!

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