1. Beaver Underground

    Liam, better cue the music from the Crying Game!

  2. flaT

    Is that Justin Bieber?

  3. yves

    Why is it that when a girl gets married, she stops caring what she looks like. This little boy look is so unattractive.

  4. Lita

    She donated her hair to Locks of Love so that somebody with cancer can get a wig. She did it for a good cause.

    • MisterSuccint

      … because she doesn’t have anything else to donate to help do something about cancer?

    • She had recently had another haircut that fell only to her shoulders. That’s not much hair left to donate and bleached blonde? Shenanigans.

    • Ex-miley-fan#1

      News flash, noooo she did not!!!!!!!! Nor has any report ever said she claimed this it’s her fans making up some justification for this idiotic look. Her hair didn’t meet the requirements for donation it wasn’t 10 inches long and it was bleached. Take note Miley did not donate her hair she was just being Miley acting like a dumbass!!! All she can do to get attention anymore is get a new tatoo, lose weight and do drastic stuff to her hair. She’s pathetic!!

  5. j.j

    it will grow back whats the big deal, at least she dont have to spend long on it.

  6. CarolAnnCan

    She looks like an albino version of Rihanna.

  7. anonym

    what a cute little boy

  8. karlito

    who cares about her hair. SHOW US YOUR TITS!!!!!

  9. shelby

    Draco Malfoy will never die.

  10. Vom Voms

    Her tweets sound like someone who’s trying to convince themselves they made the right decision

  11. Bionic_Crouton

    That’s not a hair “do” , That is a hair “Don’t”.

  12. Dish

    “The only things I care about in this goddamn life are me and my drums and you.”

  13. fooku

    ah shit son. How am I supposed to wang off to her pictures without thinking of justin beiber?

  14. Derrick

    She looks way hotter, like a cross between Tinkerbell and some skater punk chick. nyyyce….

  15. My best friend / LEZZIE said “Oh she’s just bein’ Miley.”

  16. Lucy Goose

    Ok enough with the hair. Am I the only one noticing some weird neck growth hanging over the top of her sweater?

  17. GirlNamedJake

    She looks like OCTOMOM from the nose down! it’s upper disturbing.

  18. Motorboat Captain

    Oh hamburgers!

  19. Cute sassy hairdo. The old one was dragging her down.This new look is fresh, fun and liberating. You go girl!

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