1. I think they meant “Protect the Skin Yer In”

  2. Monsignor Nelson

    Move the words up and we might have something here.

    • Agreed, I guess I have a different definition of “naked”. If you’re naked except for the things covering your naughty bits, you’re just like every person who isn’t naked.

  3. Cock Dr

    Pros: she’s young and superbly fit and fabulously wealthy.
    Cons: teef, minimal talent, lacks sex appeal and puts out a closeted lesbian vibe.

  4. Coco T-Rex

    I’m still not completely sure that she & Justin Bieber are not the same person.

  5. Sheppy

    If Miley Cyrus was supposed pose nude for the t-shirt, why’d they put that boy… oooooooh.

  6. ruckus

    This is all Annie Liebovitz’s fault.

  7. Frank Burns

    And if there’s anyone who knows about skin care, its alien lesbians from outer space! In space, no one can hear you sing . . . thank god.

  8. Move the hand and the words next, Miley. And check the dictionary definition of “naked” while your at it.

  9. Joe Mahma

    That’s not naked.

  10. mrs.cilluffo

    Let’s photoshop Justin Bieber’s head onto a 12 year old girl’s body. No one will notice.

  11. tlmck

    Too bad she didn’t do this back when she was reasonably hot.

  12. Is Kajagoogoo making a comeback?

  13. If I cant get a boner, you’re not really naked. Or you’re gross. Or a guy.

  14. killer

    10 year old boy with makeup

  15. CT

    Justin Bieber, is that you?

  16. Herman Bumfudle

    it should say don’t fu*k with me. on the back.

  17. DarthBuddy

    It’s a typo, it should read “Protect your ten year old son’s skin from predators”

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