1. Typical 19 year old girl behaviour. The sex better be worth it, because mediocre sex isn’t worth putting up with that kind of bullshit.

    Maybe Liam should think of another use for her mouth when he walks through the door. It ends in job, something she doesn’t have at the moment.

  2. Monsignor Nelson

    Zoom low for a little bonus.

    • Can we make this our new compromise, Fish? You bring back the nudity that you’ve slowly sanitized from this site, but we have to use the Zoom function to see it.

  3. God Damn! That’s a nice tit.

  4. CK

    Someone’s daddy’s cowboy hat just shot off into the air.

  5. InkyBlack

    Who’s the photographer?

  6. Lissa

    So maybe this source has never had a boyfriend before, because I don’t know any man that would be going “crazy” because his girl is leaving him to work and going shopping and spending her own money. And apparently she isn’t allowed to talk to him either.

  7. Boof

    I’d have a lot of fun ravaging her holes. I’m sure she’s annoying as hell to be around but she’s probably great in the sack.

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