1. Cock Dr

    She’s got the tight slim figure to pull this look off….it’s a shame though about the head and I’m not just referring to the horrid hair.

  2. catapostrophe

    “This here’s what’s sexy now, y’all. Go on an’ get use’ta it.”

  3. She looks like a slim Ursula the Sea Witch!

  4. Just. Fucking. Hideous.

  5. KingDoosher

    Geenk sher da shink sharmp! Weeeeeeee!

  6. PJ Bandit

    Mr. Bloomberg, the model for the redneck Statue of Liberty is here. In full makeup.

  7. She looks like a hillbilly Macy Gray.

  8. Sandoucheky


  9. Hmmm

    Reminds me – must clean the toilet tonight.

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