1. cc

    So, having nice eyes is enough to get you on the Hot 100 I guess.

    • gwynth paltrow being voted most beautiful woman on people and now this talentless chipmunk being voted sexiest on maxim…just trying to appeal to the masses of average looking women so they can feel good about themselves.

  2. That short hair isn’t doing her any favours. She cute, but the other women are hotter.

  3. Hm, neither is this one…

  4. sparky

    so, she figured this was the time to highlight her chin???

  5. There are tons of women out there who are prettier than Miley, but there is just something about her that makes her desirable, especially since she got her teeth fixed. Haven’t you ever had the yen to fuck you best buddy’s little sister?

  6. Ughh. Nice veneers.

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