1. chikaty

    Her hair reminds me of Zack Morris

  2. The Most Interesting

    “Good evening, moonpie. Liam said, ‘hells no’…”

  3. John

    she looked better with long hair, this is way too lesby

  4. Cock Dr

    Now what she needs is another big tattoo.

  5. Hmm. This isn’t a very flattering picture of her…

  6. mark

    Miley isn’t even the hottest chick at any mall in Southern California. What a joke.

  7. Mr. E

    Someone should use MIley’s collarbone to cut up some bread, ham, and cheese, make a sandwich and force-feed it to her

  8. Oh..can 15 year old boys actually win that title?

  9. Matthew

    Miley gets no. 1 when fans vote, back when Maxim editors did it they let cartoon characters in. Hot 100 has always been a joke.

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