1. crazyrooster

    what a bag o’ douche. The laser tattoo removal folks are going to make a killing in about 10yrs off of all these d-ass hipsters…

  2. mrsmass

    what the fuck is this?

  3. Diet Mountain Dew

    Are those banana tattoos under his eye?

  4. John Travolta

    Nice receding hairline dickweed.



  6. Shitz

    The face tats clearly show the confidence the young man has in never having to work a day in his worthless life.

  7. Jentilly

    Wow he’s so cool!!

  8. Leelee

    Geesh… someone needs a binky.

  9. Tinka

    Is that his real ear? Very elfish. I have nothing negative to say about his tattoos or his hair, but judging by an earlier photo, he needs new pants.

  10. James Upbacashel

    Trace….hehh hehh…..trayyyycceeeeee….HAH!! :-)

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