1. vagina rocks

    Ewww she looks like a clown.

  2. o'chunt

    No, seriously, what the fuck is that?

  3. VC

    I didn’t know Noah was BFF’s with Zac Hanson…!

  4. Noahcyrusisannyoing

    Noah Cyrus is a brat.her twitter status use to be “I’m awesome” I mean seriously!!! and why is she wearing my flag!!! she’s not even british.

  5. Megan

    It’s awkward enough that this child was allowed to dress like this for her *THIRTEENTH* birthday party without her parents saying anything but it’s so much worse that Miley herself did her up!! What the fuck is she thinking?! I’m 18 and if I had a little sister who was this age I would NOT dress her up like a baby prostitute in red lipstick and red leather and a dress that barely covers her private parts. I mean, this is her 13th birthday, last week she was TWELVE?! And she’s having a party in a nightclub?! Dear God.

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