1. The One Who Got Away

    Wow she looks like an old woman. Gross.

  2. Well, she does appear to have just left a store called “skeezers”

  3. The One Who Got Away

    Wow she looks like a nasty old woman.

  4. EricLr

    Daddy Pimp always keeps close by, in case you get any ideas ho!

  5. Little Tongue

    She dresses that way to go hang out at the mall?

  6. stine

    I liked these more when I thought Noah was her cross-dressing brother

  7. Now that’s what attics are for.

  8. Randal

    That kid looks kind of “off”. By “off” I mean “Pepper-from-American-Horror-Story” kind of “off”.

  9. Billy Ray did such good work with Miley and he seems to be on the right track with this one too. She’s got no chance in hell of being normal.

  10. How long before he starts pimping this one out to Disney or Nickelodeon?

  11. If my daughter ever tried to leave the house dressed like that, she’d be shipped off to a convent. on mars.

  12. Carolyn

    Just hideous.

  13. Beer Baron

    Make-up by “Joker”

  14. o'chunt

    What the fuck am I looking at?

  15. Noah Cyrus is a tranny?

    Oh, Billy Ray gave his girl a boy name. Nevermind.

  16. whalen ng

    dude! what is that thing?! it’s scary! but at the same time, i feel my wood growing… get it? my pe-pe is getting really hard and my sack is starting to shrivel as i get ready to spew my man load on the monster’s face!

  17. John Travolta

    What…doesn’t even look like she lost her baby molars yet. WTF is wrong with parents…

  18. Johnny

    Oh cool. She got a clown to do her party.

  19. Big Earl likes 'em jung

    I feel a swelling in my pants.. oh, sorry – just my colostomy bag.

  20. sami

    she looks like 10

  21. I swear to God she looks like a ghost because she puts too much powder on her face. I think she’s trying to fit in like her sister, Miley but thats just not how the way it is. Goshhhh she’s just 13. What a spoiled brat!

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