1. Freebie

    What? No Black Face?

  2. fap

    Lil Kim or Lil boobs, this picture makes the future clear, they look like they will mature into fried egg tits.

  3. LLBL

    I knew she was going to have a hard time dressing sluttier than usual.

  4. Here

    What? No tit?

  5. Tomahawk Holmes

    I would tame that strange.

    She should keep the wig on.

  6. She should have just gone as herself. Everyone else is!

  7. Int

    She is wasting those funbags down to nil. I predict a silicone phase in her not too distant future, even if it’s just for enhancement and not size increase…also taking bets on how far in the future she’ll want them out.

  8. richie

    such a hottie

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