1. Is it just me, or is Liam looking more and more like a young Ron Perelman here?

  2. She looks great. If the Aussie isn’t interested in banging her anymore, I’d be happy to take the job.

  3. Chris Brown

    I can’t wait until he goes all Sean Penn on her ass… we’re at that point in her career, right?

  4. The look of “who invited this bitch here?”. He looks like he just wants to run far away from her as possible.

  5. It’s clear from that photo what Liam is thinking: “52 more minutes of this…51 more minutes of this…50 more minutes of this….”

    Jesus, you’re both young, famous, rich, and good-looking. Stop clubbing each other like baby seals and go find someone else! You’ll both be knee-deep in hotties within an hour after declaring your singleness.

  6. Why are they still maintaining this farce? I’d bet it’s Miley that’s keeping it going at gunpoint if she has to.

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