1. Miley is dull and boring!

    If the paparazzi stopped following her she would blow up!! She’s an attention whore and it’s pretty pathetic and old already. People called her fat and then she tweets about her curves and loving her body next thing you know she is posting pics of herself with a carls Jr bag saying I can’t it so I’ll smell it and working out everyday. She obviously took the fat comments to heart a little and contradicts herself every fucking minute. If she would shut up and grow up people would stop talking about her but she is so stupid and needy for attention she continues.

    • Ana

      Yeah and now she is pissed people are saying she has an eating disorder. WTF do you think people are going to think when all you do is work out an the tweet that pic. If she really didn’t want to be talked about or photographed she would. Find a new Pilates class and don’t tell anyone. Heeellllooooo! That would solve your problem dumbass. Frankly I’m so sick of this ugly, spoiled hillbilly.

  2. Miley is dull and boring!

    On that note look at other young stars like Emily Osment which is getting work still, Miley is not working right now, and Emily is quiet, professional and grounded she doesn’t go online every freaking second posting her every thought of the day. In 5 years lets see were they are. I’m sure Emily will still be moving forward and Miley will be a train wreck!! The Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan of my generation… Great:(

  3. She's Gross

    She disgusted me I can’t stand this girl. She is old news and she is panicking you can tell her man she getting way more attention and she knows he’ll dump her soon. She is a has been! It’s better to be a nobody then a has been. it must hurt her deeply that’s why she is acting like this.

  4. Lick

    delicious! mmmmm. Bangable. I wish she would just stop wearing raunchy clothes and strip for me! Naked wet Miles! lol

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