1. Fuck, she has amazing legs.

  2. it’s not much, but it’s helping to remove the taint that is Chaz Bono’s shirtless pictures from my mind. No, wait … they’re back again.

  3. Dude of Dudes

    “Yes Daddy Im wearin them there red shoes you like when we is sextin each other”.

  4. just here for laughs

    That ring looks like it could put an eye out…or something.

  5. anonym

    that panty crotch shot makes me forget about her ugly face, just for a minute.

  6. stinkfinger

    I guess the lesson here is to be more careful with your staged lingerie-clad bedroom pics. This is such an obscene invasion of privacy – I may refuse to expand her crotch on my ipad in a show of respect.

  7. Raj

    This is just from the “Who Owns My Heart” video!

  8. Ugh

    The lighting is amateurish. It’s just shot with a flash that isn’t half an inch from the lens. It might be a DSLR with an external flash on the hot shoe, but it’s not professional lighting at all.

  9. MrYogi

    So Sweet..


    Eww yuck miley cyrus looks like a disgusting trashy whore she has changed so much i used to be a fan of hers ages ago but now i hate her so much she is the worst role model ever!!.Go back to teenesse you hillbilly bitch!!.


    hey slut you are a trashy whore p.s YOUR HAIR LOOKS LIKE SHIT!!

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