1. Hugh G. Rection

    Wouldn’t mind unwrapping that present.

  2. God, I love that ass. It will be the death of me.

  3. Herman Bumfudle

    #fuck i love that beautiful little cunt and asshole #fuck #xxx

  4. cc

    I really don’t like Miley a whole lot, but occasionally pictures appear that make me think ‘Holy shit, I’d wreck that little hillbilly.’ This is one of those pics.

  5. BSName

    I am seeing a 5150 hold in her future.

  6. whatever

    at least give her credit for killing off the fat-ass-kardashians,
    you would never see a fat-ass-cottage-cheese bum like kim do this

  7. nothing says Christmas like a stocking full of Valtrex….she wouldn’t be out of place in the movie Deliverance….such aggressive sexuality from a transgendered person!

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