1. mickey

    Really do people have nothing better to do with there time but get on read stuff and then talk shit about things they no nothing about what picture of her can you even see her eyes good enough to tell if they are dilated come on because she is in a club with friends means she must be drinking or using drugs do you people even know how stupid you sound when you get on here saying things like that get over it as for deez nutz you would have to find your dick to be able to do any thing with it and she is way out of your league you might want to check into blow up dolls at your local sex shop that cant complain about how lame you are. not to mention she is only 17 you sick freak….

  2. Evan

    hahahah are you serious you are one worse than thoes people. sitting around at home reading articles then complaining about the people who read them. do you know miley cyrus? for all you know she sits at home taking heroin every other night.

  3. A trailer on a silver plate is still a trailer…

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