1. boo

    wtf is she wearing. I hate this slut. Like i have no problem with girls wearing provocative clothing, even under age girls. However, i have a massive problem with them marketing themselves to children, creating a whole new generation of sluts

  2. brit

    any nipple exposure?

    • SIN

      There may have been nipple exposure but due to her age, those pictures can’t be shown. The guy who took them will just lack off to them.

  3. bobo

    She’s getting kinda chunky

    • bobo

      Jack off to her? Have you seen her face lately? She’s got, maybe, 3 years at best before she’s boning every twink who can keep her coke habit going.

  4. baby gets punch to the face

    could not say i didn’t see this coming…she’s a Disney star for christs sake lol

  5. lilyincredible

    I hate Miley Cyrus with a passion. Slutty cunt is what she is.

  6. Ominous Bob

    fatter… Fatter… FAtter… FATter… FATTer… FATTEr… FATTER.


    No mo’ hushpuppies, beetch.

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