1. Jess

    Underage? Not in Paris. Does it really matter? She’s actually a good kid…I think you just can’t wait to make her the next LiLo. Lay off.

  2. Jo

    Nice frog eyes lol… i guess she figured out those little colourful pills aren’t really candy.

  3. SG

    I agree with Deacon. It looks like she’s rollin’ balls. Big, sweaty balls.

  4. omg…isn’t that Amy Swinehouse’s ballet slipper in the background?!

  5. 815Sox

    She is on some E, big pupils, she’s gurning in other pictures, doing the eye closed when peaking thing…

    not that I would know what that is like and all… nope not me.

  6. Cherry

    People are saying that there are flashing lights in the club that are causing this girls eyes to squint so much….But think about this: when those light are flashing, wouldn’t her pupils react to the light and dialate just a TAD bit more? Her pupils are like saucers. It was only a matter of time…I can’t wait until she flashes her muff on camera ‘accidently’. :) Good times.

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