1. Lita

    Sexy like a middle-aged prostitute.

  2. I assume she bought that t-shirt at the same website she got all of her other 1980′s concert shirts from. How edgy of her…I bet she used paypal too, cuz that’s just how hardcore she is.

  3. Ben Dover

    Yikes that’s nasty

  4. T-bag

    She’s only 1/2″ of eyeliner and a “F*ck Me, Satan” tee away from becoming the official president of Taylor Momsen’s Fan Club.

  5. Nothing like a little Starbuck’s to celebrate successful raids on the Salvation Army drop-off bins of Los Angeles.

  6. Adam

    He face is stuck mid-transformation between where it was and where she wants it to be. It’s a national crisis.

  7. VtFarmboy

    My God, I have picked up better looking 20 dollar crack whores.

  8. spartacus

    “sure baby, you’re a real stallion……”

  9. javi

    this bitch azz, is such a white trash..
    Plus, when she smiles..she looks like chucky (that doll from the 80′s)
    bitch, seriously…just stop!

  10. popGeezer

    did not know Disney had put the “Sucker Punch” TV series in production yet!

  11. Stupid

    Not a single one of you basement dwelling homos would throw her out of bed.

  12. Pascalecake

    How is this outfit in any way slutty?

  13. nours52

    Looks like a dirty whore!!

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