1. angela

    not pretty? not a killer body? god i’d love to sink my mouth into that… but only if she keeps her mouth shut. that voice… ugh.

  2. Bee

    Spray tan, much?

  3. If I was in Canada I’d only want to have anal sex with her. I bet her ass in nice and warm inside.

  4. jose

    She’s not really very hot given her age. Look at her abs, or lack thereof. She’s a little pudge pudge already and only 17 years old? The future does not look good, she’ll be the next Britney Spears….

  5. Kettle Black

    I would love all these guys that are so critical to post their pics on a site like this and have people tear them apart. Oh my god! That guy has been playing Pong in his mother’s basement for years! He has no hair and he’s 300 pounds! Bet he hasn’t kissed a girl yet! Those would be the accurate assessments of most of the “I’d hit that after a couple of beers” types or the more cruel. Give me a friggin break you friggin losers.

  6. chelsea

    spray tan fail.

  7. Yeah

    The next Britney is on the way.. Too bad, she was a cute kid.

  8. StephAtHome

    nice DIY tan lines….

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