1. Horny Perv


    Im moving to canada!

  2. Want a Cannuckle Sandwich?

    It was 14 until about a year ago, so technically, she’s an old, used-up hag by Canadian standards. That said, I might give her the benefit of my manjuices were I drunk. She’s a cute little girl, not particularly special. Let’s see what she flowers into at 18 or 20, when she really hits her stride of babedom.

  3. Anonymous

    While channel surfing the other night, I had the misfortune of seeing a minute or so of this chick’s London concert. This girl absolutely cannot sing and has zero stage presence. This is what the music industry has been reduced to? Sad, sad times.

  4. Dorian Gray

    Meh. I’ve paid for better in Chinatown.

  5. Tina

    i just want to see her Lean Like a Chola!!!

  6. Carine

    She’s trying too hard to look like Britney

    • chelsea

      yeah it is obvious she’s a britney wannabe. but britney had a badass body and had moves, this girl has nothing. like seen here her head is abnormally huge. lol

  7. pbateman

    Wow, dude, how many times are you going to recycle your Miley Cyrus/Billy Ray Cyrus jokes? I’m just saying, she’s bound to wear suggestive clothing and do more ‘controversial’ behavior more and more frequently in the future. Time to get some new jokes.

  8. mimi

    somehow, she reminds me of AMY WINEHOUSE in these pics….hmmm..

  9. Name (required)

    I’d hit it!

  10. faby

    she keeps wearing the same shoes why??? they’re so ugly anyways

  11. p

    No talent whatsoever.

  12. charlotte

    legal age in canada is actually 18…not 16 or 14!

    • Bob Sanderson

      I don’t know which province or territory you’re living in Charlotte, but the legal age of consent in ALL of Canada is indeed 16. The legal drinking age is either 19, or 18 for Alberta and Quebec, and possibly somewhere else I’ve missed. The legal voting age is 18, and the driving ages vary widely amongst provinces.

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