1. JoeJoeJoe007

    God DAMN!!!!

    I’m in love!

  2. JoeJoeJoe007

    Ohhh… and may I say….


  3. Hannah

    Awww, She’s pretty! With a body like that, why not..?

  4. hmph

    the 16 year age of consent only applies if you yourself are under 18… if you’re 19, it’s still 18 like in the US… law is in place so 13 year old’s can’t fuck eachother. silly, i know.

  5. Bell Curve

    Dude, she has been legal over 90% of the planet for quite some time now.

  6. nictople

    FISH will you please stop perpetuating the myth that the age of consent in the US is 18. It’s not. In most states the age of consent is 16, a few are 17 or 18.


    And there is no federal law that overrides the state laws when it comes to age of consent:


    You could have had Miley long ago in any of a couple dozen states.

  7. mary jane

    ..wow im embarrassed for her. why the hell does she dress like this..who is she trying to do this for? no guy wants her, not until shes like 21..

  8. B.B

    I’m jealous, she gets hotter and hotter!

  9. truth

    you need some tits to dress like that….she is OK, but kind of gawky and again no boobies. no thanks

  10. Dammm

    Wow, mary jane sure knows what men want.

    I’d do her anytime, anywhere.

    • matt

      agree with dammm… i’d do her anytime, anywhere… and once it’s in her i won’t pull it out ever…

  11. Kandi

    If she wants to dress like that it is her business. I just wish she would take off her cross necklace, we need a GOOD Christian example for young girls, not the example she shows. We have enough bad examples – we need some good ones. Take off your cross Miley!

  12. FMA

    She has one dirty daddy, i think he likes it when she looks like this.. i know i do

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