1. Cardinal Fang

    Legal yet?

  2. Keith

    She giving me wood!

    Better this tight young snare drum that the saggy old Cameron Diaz.

  3. Jamie

    Ok, someone post the link to the uncensored upskirt photo, already.

  4. Jed

    17 would get me 20 and I am ok with that, today. dayum.

  5. she’s a slut.

  6. Doodle Bug

    Skank is making money and lying through her horse teeth. Wow the world is so enamored of her idiotic statements….I’m not a whore….as I grind on a pole and my pimp parents clap……counting the money under the seats….
    Jokes on you little tramp, you sold your filthy soul.

  7. booboo

    she makes me horny!!!

  8. booboo

    I would cream all over her!

  9. Anonymous

    A lot of people are saying that she’s not slutty, she’s just grown up. Well, growing up does not mean you should wear tight, see-through, and other inappropriate types of clothing, and it MOST DEFINITELY does not mean you should give random grown men lap dances whenever you feel like it.
    Miley says that she’s comfortable with her body and confident in herself, but obviously, that’s a lie. If she is really comfortable with her body, then she shouldn’t be walking around in revealing clothing and be willing so show it off to everybody. True confidence is shown when you have the guts to be modest while everyone else around you is wearing revealing clothing, grinding at parties, and doing a whole bunch of other inappropriate things. Instead, Miley chooses to follow the slutty trend just like many of the other celebrities out there. She’s a spoiled brat, a terrible influence on the young and even the older fans of hers, and she’s quickly turning her life into a train-wreck, without fail. God bless her. – _ -

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