1. She’s been a member of the Illuminati since she was 14 years old. How do I know this? The image of Jesus in my morning toast told me so.

  2. No skin? No tongue? Perhaps there really IS an Illuminati!

  3. Gustav Tranquil

    Guessing game- how many fingers can you fit in my vagina

  4. christine

    My proudest moment as a New Orleanian was when her tour bus caught on fire on her way here. My voodoo doll worked!!!

  5. Stupid Miley, that’s not how you goatse.

  6. Lucien Brunswig, who is spending all eternity in the style of the Pharaohs, was the head of a large wholesale drug firm.

    So that’s why Miley is visiting.

    Also, anyone who can skim millions of dollar by flashing their thighs belongs with the Illuminati. It hasn’t worked for me!

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