1. Jamie

    To the girl who six weeks ago tweeted “I LOVE being shaped like a WOMAN & trust me ladies your man won’t mind either” while posting a pic of an emaciated anorexic woman to prove her point–nothing says “I love myself” like going on a starvation diet and then making sure you get your pic taken while prancing around in a tiny bikini. Such a role model, that Miley.

  2. DeucePickle

    I suppose now she’ll be getting accused of getting breast reduction surgery

  3. catapostrophe

    She’s a bit of a hunchback, and her worth as a person is significantly diminished by how her voice sounds and the way her mouth looks when it moves; but in this particular photo–for Miley Cyrus–she looks okay.

  4. Whatever

    Na, she’s just sucking in her stomach, and the bikinitops does nothing for her boobs.
    To further prove that she is not skinny – look at her thights. Still touching at the top of the thights.

    That said – I want that body! (But I’m lazy. And not stalked by photogs. So whatever :p )

  5. Ryan Seacrest

    I just hope she keeps her butt pure for me.

  6. Im a lefty

    is that a tat under her left….never mind my twisted fantasy


    Miley cyrus looks like a dirty trashy bitch and when she talks it sounds like she has a frog stuck in her throat.She is such a disgusting bitch she should just go f**k her dad again the dirty insist bitch!!.

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