1. what the fuck are you wearing trinket lady

    • Myclamisaninnie


      they both are covered in cheap, weird Gypsy jewelry. And, I see Miley turning in to Lohan, poor girl. She is toasted, in th epic. And her skin still looks good drunk! ha. Ahhh….. youth!

      • don

        If you mean good skin as in wow that blowfish has good skin I totally agree withyou, otherwise… I don’t know why people say she’s pretty, she’s kind of scary, maybe that’s only me.

  2. nancy

    Toasted and high!

  3. Jas

    Lay off her guys… she has crazy genes – after all, she is the love-child of Cthulhu and a Carebear.

    Interesting people point out her “blowfish” appearance… coincidence? I think not!

  4. stephanie

    wow. she looks like an obnoxious 7th grader taking theater. she’s completely unaware of how out of place she looks. i hope john mayer hurts her so she gets all quiet and loses weight in her face. i would seriously like her!

  5. Jo Jo

    Her pupils are quite large for having so many flashing cameras going off… hmmm?

  6. deandra

    lol she looks pretty messed up.. but oh come on everyone drinks almost .. its her life fuk the hattersss gesh… let her mess up her life let her choose what she wants even if she wants to be a slut.. ignore them honey

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