1. Myclamisaninnie



  2. Americanidiot

    Lol, its big joke 18 year old isnt allowed to drink alcohol. Go usa.

  3. “Hi Dad…it’s me Miley. I’m drunk again, and just wanted to tell you to go fuck yourself”.

    “Hi Miley, like I’ve said since you were a baby…I just don’t care”.

  4. CaseWorker

    She needs to hurry up and put out the usual stolen home sex tape now that she is an adult (in age at least) so we can all be unimpressed and move on to our next new target.

  5. Magz

    It looks like my grandmas curtains died on her legs.

  6. TI the rapper

    Wow, look at all the white people practically peeing in their pants to defend this drunk teenager! So typical!

  7. Wow, look at all the white folks here practically peeing on themselves to defend Miley. So typical!

  8. hghjgjhg

    weak she doesnt look the least bit drunk or high…

  9. acey

    1st what do they mean she’s drunk “again” when was she drunk the first time? and 2nd how do these pictures at all prove she has been drinking, it’s one in the morning, so it’s dark, and you are flashing lights in her face and surrounding her. of course its hard to walk. there is nothing in these pictures that proves she has been drinking. get a life and leave these poor kids alone!!

  10. herbiefrog

    y o u ‘ ll


    fine )

  11. ani

    OH yes!!! she is soooo f… high, please look her eyes, hahahaha amazing.. poor girl.

  12. xiomara

    Miley, you work so hard in your paper of Hannah Montana, you are now fisical and mental tired. You are a pretty girl, well your not a girl anymore. Don’t make people talk of you, I know we are human that the world doesn’t know yet. Most of everybody finds the bad thing of you. But where they lost is what you did right. I know that you have feeling in your heart and nobody knows it. Don’t back up. Feel free of everything, don’t let a love that you lost kick you out. If the person o persons that really love you, will come back. And the really love that you can have you have it in front of you YOUR FAMILY. AND YOUR FANS. Don’t let us down, Please.

    • Miley

      Awww! thx xiomara! I know there r a lot of haters out there but, honestly, i love everybody! even though a lot of ppl hate me, they dont have a reason. they dont know me. so what if i was drunk? i just turned 18, a woman, i wanted to try things out. maybe i should have waited til i was 21, yea, but that doesnt give anybody a reason to hate me just cuz i got drunk on my 18th birthday.

      • TheQueen

        uhhh, yeah…you’re just about as close to being Miley Cyrus as I am to being the queen of England. And I’m not. the queen of England.

        Find a hobby.

  13. scarlet

    GO MILEY! Just because your famous doesn’t mean you don’t get to be 18 years old. Party it up girly and just make sure your surrounded with good people. Don’t let anyone tell you to be something your not.
    xoxo Red

  14. Malin

    She doesnt look drunk to me. This only shows how magazines and shit manipulates headlines…

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