1. Doc Schweinstrudel

    wow she isn’t that cute after all

  2. KB

    She’s not drunk – she’s as high as a kite!!!
    Get a grip girl!!!

  3. Liv

    for gods sake…
    shes on the phone not doing ANYTHING wrong
    why can’t people be left alone these days

  4. Anon

    Did she steal Lindsay Lohan’s chin?

  5. Amber

    I agree with Liv: “for gods sake…shes on the phone not doing ANYTHING wrong why can’t people be left alone these days” 100%!!!!!!!!!!! If she’s drunk, you tell me how these photos can display that. Same if she’s high. Get a grip ALL OF YOU this is just ridiculous. It’s SO sad and pathetic that people even take photos of ‘celebrities’ and also spread stupid lies around when 1) they don’t even know that person 2) they look like an utter idiot themselves, especially when their proven wrong 3) and the ultimate reason why this is SO sad and utterly pathetic is: why in hell would you WANT to get paid for this as your job? You are more stupid than the lies you spread. Yeah, that’s right. I’m talking about you, paparazzi’s. Oh, by the way: All of us are really tired of you. Not just the ‘celebrities’. (:

    • Kelsie

      You are so right. I don’t see how any of these pictures prove she is drunk. What is this world coming to? People are so cruel. It is completely uncool.

  6. Angie

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lots of kids her age drink and get drunk, at least she dressed not flashing any private parts, people around her, leave her alone shes grown up and not hannah montana, let the girl live

  7. NAbila

    not good still not yet T-T when she turns 20 she can do all dat stuff but now no omg miley control ur self!! :(

  8. retrobanana

    she looks like lindsay lohan here…thats a great omen for her

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