1. “I gets ‘em in the lettuce leaves ’cause them buns ain’t nothin’ but carbs. Hey, you sure that’s the large-size french fried taters? Ooooh, catsup!”

  2. Lord Invader

    “Now look here, I needs me a lot of catsup packets, cuz I’ll be squirrelin’ them away for the big Fourth of July barbecue. Ya’ll know what it’s like when you grill up some home-cooked possum burgers and then you don’t gots the fixins.”

  3. dubyah

    Man, this is a wet dream come true, if I was burger guy, I woulda shot a hot salty load on her burger then sat back and reveled in the thought of her scarfing down that sammich, totally clueless that it had my own signature sauce!

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