1. Frank Burns

    Looks like she cut herself shaving.

  2. ohonore

    That’s probably a popped pimple or something.

  3. mike

    i never noticed her wonky teeth before…

  4. JC

    Billy Ray forgot to remove his Prince Albert before daddy-daughter time.

  5. Drunk

    She has a popped pimple bleeding on her cheek, fucked up teeth, acne around her mouth, an unusual red mark on her neck, and zoomed in you can clearly see old scars from when she mutilated her arm. No doubt in my mind, this girl is mentally stable and ready for marriage!

  6. gross

    why would you go to order food if you dont even carry your wallet?, btw, they should give free food for the people who need it, not for the people who simply need to disappear

  7. dubyah

    I have some In -N-Out for her fur-burger!

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