1. Miley stay off the medical weed. Its like 40% more potent that the 60s-70s shit. But I do like the no panites thing going on.

  2. Rodrigo

    Anoter Amanda Bynes.

  3. Sangriatic

    Miley Cyrus: The only case ever of pot making a person more interesting.

    • Let me guess, you’re one of those air heads that believes in Reefer Madness and thinks pot is a terrible thing? Ah. Pot was illegalized for stupid reasons and people that believed in the madness it caused, and even that it could kill you. Pot makes many people more interesting. My grandfather couldn’t play any instruments, but when he was high he played piano like a pro. It was amazing. So no, it’s not the only case. You’re just closed minded and would rather rip on people. Congrats.

      • back2sanity

        Vitobonespur, what you just said is complete bullshit. Nobody cares if she smokes pot or if your grandfather smoked pot, but for you to say it makes people better at what they do is a blatant lie. Show me the scientific evidence and I will show you mounds of it that contradicts every bit of it repeatedly. Don’ just spew bullshit for your own peace of mind.

      • vitobonezpur is an idiot

        Shut the fuck up evidence that it’s worse then cocaine. Show evidence of all the people who died from smoking pot. The fact of the matter is it’s going to be legalized whether you like it or not. You dumb fucks are the reason America’s gone to shit, cuz u have no brain. And if you are going to blast me for spelling mistakes or anything stupid like that then just hang yourself.

  4. rogers

    another young talent that drugs are going to ruin!

    • Thinking that someone will automatically fuck up their life because they smoke dope is pretty narrow minded. But think whatever you like. You’re the one who has to live with your brain and I, frankly, don’t give a fuck.

    • viper

      You idiot potisint a drug its an herb and if it had no purpose why did GOD it on Earth? he did create the World ya know unless you’re a cop or jus plain dumb you’ll think about it. And btw how many ppl have been killed smokin,selling,buying pot etc….As opposed to all other Man made or processed b.s. drugs like meth,coke,herion and prescription drugs?? NONE EXCATLY!!!! Why the hell you think The Feds are’nt stepping in to stop prohibition??? Duh!!! Check your facts next time get educated be4 you debate uncertianty…

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