1. Oliver Laurel


  2. Fuck Off & Die

    I can see the outline of her labia.

  3. deee

    @pic 9 her pussy was wet and you could see the lips inprinted on her panties….ummmmm she a hoe and she will have a sex tape very soon and btw miley JUSTIN BIEBER DONT LIKE YOUR UGLY CUNT FACE>>> CLEARLY HE LIKES BLACK WOMEN … BEYONCE RIHANNA MONICA ETC AND SOME WHITE FOLKS NO RACISM GOING ON

  4. Lele

    Oh my.

  5. Britt

    People don’t go to her shows to hear her sing, they go to she her vagina, which she PURPOSELY flashes, because she is an attention whore.

  6. Someguy

    I saw this coming a mile away. Fuckin Disney stars are messed up!

  7. dee

    Jamie Foxx was right about her…

  8. C

    She didn’t shave the back of her thighs… Of course THAT is what I notice haha… I love Miley Cyrus but obviously she is lacking the proper love otherwise she would have more self respect and dignity than parade around like a whore. I realize hollywood is sort of a lifestyle on it’s own but I’ve never seen Julia Roberts sell out and look like a cheap skank just to sell something.. She’s a classy lady and gets respect for it.. I just pray for my kid’s generation someone out their raises some future stars with some class ‘like the good ole days’ and we have some respect and honour back in the world!

  9. John Schmitz

    Miley is shaving her pussy bald already? She must be banging someone.

  10. Raja

    I don’t understand what is the big deal about all this.

  11. bgrhzrh

    OH MY GOD This is very horrible really, i dont believe that she can say sorry and its okay.

  12. Most of you are pervs. Seriously. Yes, she chose the wrong bottoms to wear. But she is ONLY 17. Most girls dont think about things like that, esp. right before a big show. You people talking about her being “tight” make me want to puke. Dude she is underage. And even if she wasnt, its still sick. Go look up porn if you want that crap. Miley is going to be whoever she wants to be, and dress however she’d lke, that doesnt make her a whore. I’ve seen “good christian” girls dress worse then this, and a hell of alot younger. Go to L.A. you’ll see it all. You only make a fuss because shes famous. Get over yourselves

  13. Justanothermom

    What are her parents thinking!? There is no way she and they could not have known how much skin she was going to show off wearing that outfit. They did it on purpose. How many 17 year olds do you know that shave their whowho. Shame on you Miley and bigger shame on your parents for allowing you to do this!

  14. urfbrjbfjb

    am i the only one who noticed her hairy legs? gross

  15. Momar

    DAMN, I followed a link to see Bridget the Midget’s titty and I get treated to Selena Gomez bikini gallery (damn, no ‘Toe tho) and lil Miley’s cooch…I freaking LOVE this website!!

  16. frank drebin

    miley is the biggest disgrace to disney ever. she’s just a cheap ugly version of britney spears

  17. chiefin

    where the fuck is the pictures without the stars? jesus christ this website has gone to shit sweet baby infant jesus help me

  18. lkrennell


  19. Murray

    MuchMusic actively and admittedly targets 12-16 year olds. This year’s show (and many before it) was filled with inappropriate images and content. It’s disgusting.

    I work on the show and it’s produced by single women and hating…that’s literally the truth. People with no kids and no sense of decency.

    remember when Mr. Achy Breaky heart was mad about her back being exposed? Disgusting.

    her management and her parents are guilty of child exploitation and should be fucking arrested.

    her management,

  20. flesh

    Looks like she is trying to push out a really big hillbilly turd…..

  21. flesh

    same face she will have when the first lil brat cums poppin out that slit….

  22. MeoME

    if i had the chance.. i would totaly fuck her

  23. bart

    i would love to eat that little tight pussy

  24. marcus

    someone get that nag an apple…

  25. Swedishguy

    thats a nice cameltoe, id like to fuck her

  26. Swedishguy

    id like to f.u k her

  27. Christine

    She needs to shave the back of her leg its kinda hairy

  28. .choo.

    I wonder if she thanked Jesus after her performance.

  29. Supergirl

    All you guys who are looking at this Picture of poor Miley are pedofilers because she still is just a kid leave the poor girl alone and as for you randel your just a plain cocksucker who know shot all and doesn’t deserve anything for saying shut about Miley Cyrus and all you guys a dicks aswell for looking a a young girls vagina perverts

  30. tommy

    Really, when you wear an outfit like that up on stage, what do you expect? Use your BRAIN Miley!!!

  31. StopHatingAndGetALife

    Hahaha stop hating on miley shes fucking gorgeous, talented and straight out sexy. think yall might be a bit jealous seriously. sort out your own insecurities and stop wasting your life being negative fools.

  32. agyness

    Hahha to the justanothermom chick that said ‘what 17 year old shaves there whowho’ what 17 year old doesn’t? That would be disgusting if you don’t.

  33. This I know....

    that young’uns three holes are hurtin for a squirtin

  34. connor

    wht the fuck theres no pussy visible at all

  35. stonewoody

    She will be 18 next month. She is a beautiful young woman with RAGING hormones and sense of who she is and what she wants. ROCK ON Smiley…what a Babe.

  36. Seeyoutintea

    Why is her vagina so precious? She’s 18 and it’s still covered through her clothes? What’s so NSFW about this? Jesus I’ll be glad when her career ends up like Britney spears I just hope her vagina doesn’t hang down like a palm tree like hers. I wanna see it. We all do. Stop treating her like virgin Mary she’s been screwing since she’s been like 10 years old.

  37. Seeyoutintea

    Oh and id totally F. T. SH. O. O. H.

  38. u all need to shut the he** up

    its easy to say all u fuking idiots r major pervs saying u would fuk her whats wrong with you that ilegal she isnt of age and u all need to get a life and stop looking at other people and judging yes i admit im judging u all right now but i have a good reason all u guys have for reason is a picture its not your body not youir life not your career let her handle herself she doesnt need idiots like you to tell her what to do fyi shes to good for all of you that want to fuk her

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