1. mary jane

    guess this girl cant be tamed..

    • Shannon

      is this really who we want your kids following after?
      i may be 15, but i know better than to do what Miley
      did, i mean seriously, do we want your little 8 year
      olds and 10 years flashing that every where like
      she did. So maybe you should think twice about who
      you want your kids to have as a role model.


    • asab

      She’s trying to grow up and leave the litle girl behind. Granted she isn’t doing it very subtly she’s doing it. She doesn’t tell little girls to be like her. Why are little girls now adays forced to look up to TV fictional characters anyway. shouldn’t the parents be setting the examples instead of setting there kids in front of the TV and saying learn from these people?

      • haha

        she may directly tell little girls to be like her but she does recognise the fact that they look up to her. grantted, parents should set examples for their children (including you mr. billy ray), however, music and movies are things that every child is going to listen and watch. unfortunately, miley cyrus connected herself with the disney channel which is dierected to children. as a result, it is inevitable that children would want to emmulate her. she should set better examples, there are more classy and subtle ways to show that you are becoming an adult. dressing and acting, in most cases, like a whore( for the lack of a better word) des not show that you are growing up responsibly. rather, it shows a teenager rebelling.

  2. shemp

    you people are idiots.

    by any reasonable, objective standards, this girl is demonstrably attractive.

    do you nimrods even LIKE girls?

  3. Bad News Robot

    Bad News Miley: You can’t wear those shoes with every outfit all the time. Unless you’re Shauna Sands.

  4. lettuchuga

    Has anyone noticed she keeps wearing those same boots/shoe things

  5. Jack Handy

    Pics #3 and #4 deep thoughts … “Wow! my farts smell bad…or is that my skanky vag??”

  6. BRC

    Her lips were made for sucking and the poon made for bangin’. She is almost 18 meaning I am spanking the ween daily, can’t wait to see her fill out so I can rape her in my mind…

    Did I just say that out loud….my bad.


  7. K

    This girl needs to learn how to control her facial expressions…

  8. smolderingflax

    well, i like her

  9. MotherofOne

    LOL I can’t stand idiots who say people who have a problem with how Miley is acting are jealous. Maybe with a small percentage of psychos but for the majority of us, ummm no. America is the land of the free, blah blah blah, thanks I know all about that and I’m married to a Marine. The point is she choose a profession that puts her in the spot light. She choose a profession, especially working at Disney, that made her a role model. Now that she’s older she’s choosing to be… we’ll say, “less than classy,” and it’s a problem because she has very young to tweens looking up to her. I’m a mother of a boy so I’ll have my own issues to deal with, but I thank God I don’t have a girl to raise in today’s society. I can’t imagine anyone being okay with how this 17 year old GIRL is acting having a daughter of their own. Would you be preaching the same crap with the “get over it” mentality if it was YOUR 17 year old daughter??? Hmmm, bet not. Her parents have issues if they think this is acceptable dress or behavior for a 17 year old… all those disgusting sickos thinking things about her. Yeah, I’d be you’d really be okay if that was your kid.

    Miley, you can be a young sexy adult and still have some class.

  10. Mae

    if people have a problem with it because they think their kids are going to copy her or whatever, then simple, turn off the fucking tv. don’t blame the media for the way your kid acts, you’re the parent. duh. you have more of a say in your kids life then a celebrity.

  11. Manny

    well to me Miley looks really good its not like she flashed her Vage on purpose it was obviously slipping out at the sides during almost all the pics! What was she suppose to do start fixing the crouch part of her costume during a performance? I don’t think so. Just leave her alone shes growing up and everyone is being so hard on her. I’m actually liking the new Miley its cute and its about time she got off of Disney and started her own real style of music and fashion. Plus not every star has to be a role model its not like they’re telling kids to look to them…

    • haha

      well, she does have dress rehersals..that should tell her the thing is inappropriate and doesnt fit right! when she appears on something rated PG13, she should know better so that crap about better parenting and her not being a role model and blah blah is just plain stupid

  12. a

    damn so sad she couldnt afford the rest of her offit no wonder she waires the same shoes to save mony :)

  13. rachel

    hey miley why do you dress so yuck and old looking? i mean you are only 17 years old, please you very ugly girl. selena is all prettie and stuff but your not at all.

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