1. The Truth

    This is kitty porn for the chester’z. EEEEEEEWWWWWW

  2. Jimbo

    Oh Hell yeah!!! wanna lick that slit!!

  3. I’d hit it.

    Then again give me enough whiskey and boredom and I’ll hit anything from Miley to Ke$ha to that thing called Lily Allen.


  4. eric

    I wonder if she has a professional pussy shaver or if Billy Ray does it for her?

  5. Jean

    First Christine A…did the sex revoluation…then Brittney…now her…as soon as they could show they could be sexy. Get over it girls….we know you have a vagina…..shake it at home.

  6. andy7171

    Why all the hate?

    …anyone else notice how the writing here has dropped significantly?

  7. Dude

    Well, let’s look at the “Artists” that dress like this….now, look at how many of them have talent. Not with the machines and the lip syncing……but, those who can sing without all the machines, the fancy editing and tricks the industry has created and allowed……from what I can hear, she needs every trick she can throw out there.

    Ashley Simpson should dress like this, maybe it will help her too?

  8. Lee

    So Fuckin what if she looks Puerto Rican. You stupid fucks

  9. me



  10. ian

    damn i want to fuck that pussy!!

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