1. I love Randal

    Randal, please start your own celebrity blog. It would be hilarious

  2. Moira

    You guys wanna know why she never gets disciplined by mommy and daddy? Because as the household cash cow she’s the real master of the house…Shame isn’t it?

  3. meme

    mine is bigger.

  4. no need to know it

    your all bloody ridiculous. So what….people make mistakes. And if you think miley is fat or ugly then please go fry your head, if you can’t see that shes skinny as hell and beautiful then you aint seen someone fat and ugly. You need to get a bloody life and stop picking on a 17 year old girl who is incredibly talented and a decent human being. She’s done more for charity, is a MUCH better person that all of you slagging her off and you proved that by shouting your mouth off about her on here. Your all pathetic and if you dont like miley then why the FUCK do you look her up to see all these stories……your pathetic and idiotic and you just need somewhere to vent your anger cause your that stupid you fire it all at a teenager, how fucked up are you.
    So shut your mouths, get a life and go be a dickhead somewhere else

  5. Me

    I don’t understand why she’s acting like such a desperate whore
    I thought she was better than that :/

  6. Mischa.

    I think maybe “no need to know it” has a personal problem.

    Has anyone ever considered that when she flashes herself, and we look at it, we are seeing child porn? That is the law. It seems that this site is showing illegal material.

    I love looking though!

  7. Nada

    She needs a coochinie!

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