1. Jack Handy

    Pics 5 & 6 Deep thoughts …. ” Man my farts smell bad…. or is that my talent that smells so bad??”

  2. Plobes

    She looks like Kate Gosselin!!!

    • Joe

      This is not a hate comment, far from it. I just had an extremely sarcastic urge.

      But, Ms Cyrus has a look (in this photo) as if she was the product of a redneck – squirrell affair that went against the laws of nature… that… or she’s suffering a bad wedgie. In hindsight, that’s not as funny as it sounded in my head.

  3. Wow.. no surprise here considering the fabric that is supposed to cover her vagine is about as wide as a small band-aid. God, its almost as if she wants her cooch to be seen.


  4. Bu

    Women’s vagina’s are normal. Americans are obsessed with a woman’s naked body being so bad and slutty is so stupid and abnormal. For some stupid reason Blogs are freaked out when they see a real women with real lady bits.. Get over it people…Miley is a beautiful normal young woman

    • Joe

      I totally agree. In fact I’d nearly suggest a costume similar to the bra in the controversial Hughes fim… but do you think I can remember it’s name? Any way, the aforementioned bra was designed to evade censorship laws by actually showing the breasts while the were clothed (as far as I know). Tho, would Ms Cyrus not look less “slutty” if her costume consisted of more fabric, but was essentially the same shape?

  5. Mom

    Seriously!!!! Here we have a fine example of why we, as parents, have to watch what our kids do. I understand that shes ALMOST an adult but she could have wore more clothes on stage. I’m confused on why she would want to put herself in that situation in the first place. Can someone please shine a light on this subject for me?…..

  6. ian

    oh my god she is so hot, i want her!! i would fuck her pussy so hard!!!

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