1. Im FAB

    It boggles my mind why were so concerned with her AGE. This girl is probably having sex and a whole hell of a lot more mature than most girls her age. She pays her bills and has her own home. How many 30 somethings out there have what she has? EXACTLY. and im sure the rest of you all lost your virginity at 15 and were doing at lot get off your fucking high horses. I could give a shit about this girl, but everyone is so focused on her age which is totally irrelevant. like you wouldnt fuck her or something. like all of a sudden a moral BELL is going off in your heads. shut the fuck up about her age.

    • Wiley

      Sure, you were a whore but some of us would like to have unwhorish daughters. How many bastard kids do you have? A lot of pedophiles aren’t concerned about age but they usually end up in jail. Ooops! Hope one of your baby daddies didn’t end up in prison! Are your teen daughters going to “pay their own bills” by prostituting themselves since you see nothing wrong with this?

  2. SM

    how about all the idiotic women on here who go on about ‘haters’ with big bums if they have an opinion on a young woman dressing too sexily.
    ah no, it’s possible to not be a 20 stone pig dog who also doesn’t want to flash their bits. dressing modestly… imagine that.

  3. i cant see shit why there still a star there when i click on nsf

  4. rachel

    what a skank

  5. Jimbooooooooooooooooooooooo

    I want to snort her queefs and farts with a straw. Now.

  6. Since this site has changed how do u view what is underneath the stars?

  7. Hayley

    Oh my, something looks odd about this photo. Hmm? That’s either a FUPA, or there is a large growth “down there.”

    This coming from a fan of Miley, makes one think.

  8. me

    Most of you are pedophiles.

    sucks to be you.

    oh yeah you are, by law.

    stay away from my daughters you perverts.

    so sad Miley’s parents have not taught her self respect.

    no hose, no tights.




    • Wiley

      Duh, and what about you? Didn’t you look at the photo? You do know that producing porn is illegal too, don’t you? If we’re pedophiles then Miley is going down too since she was the one flashing her girl parts to children. Miley needs to be prosecuted just like those teen girls who mailed out their nude photos.

  9. glang

    You know dad’s hit that. Her lips are flapping in the breeze

  10. Brian

    I’d hit it (in the front and back).

  11. Bullie

    I’ d fuck that bitch the hardest I could lol.

  12. Nique

    Funny yet scary how people do not get Randal’s irony!

  13. at least she shaves.

  14. Decency Past

    OK, I felt sorry for her the first time that some perv (maybe Hilton) took advantage of her.. but now I am very angry! there are two agencies at fault and should be held accountable.

    Firstly the fact remains Miley is a child, as such her parents should be charged for letting her display in public anything that can be caught on camera! the should be able to be charged by anyone in the public audience with aiding a minor to promote gross indecency!

    Then the “state” (being the colective public) should be responsilble for not shutting down any public performance that shows a minor dancing in the equivalent of panties.. how low our culture has gone when this behaviour is encouraged and applauded! Wake up america, you are disintegrating and will cause collapse when you are teaching your children to act like they are fully adult.. you are stealing their innocence and selling it on these cheap gossip rags on line. (yeah this is a shot at you people that are profiting from everything this child (legally) does wrong..

    come on Obama, We need to worry less about the enviroment and more about our people and what is healthy for our kids to see for the USA to excel in the next 10 years.

  15. Javier Blanco

    Ya’ll need to get a life and leave this girl alone she’s just trying to fiind herself in the world she dosent need anymore azz H**E of people trying to make her seem like shes doing everything that brit did everyone can make mistakes, thats why she is a child still…..the one ya’ll should be going after is Perez Hilton

  16. SGIRhino

    Hey urfbrjbfjb! Just for your information being gay does NOT come naturally…google “Gay Gene” and do some real research! Being gay is NOT genetic, it’s a choice and in time will be proven to be the ABSOLUTE WORST form of demon possession!

    Look up the word “Immutable”…you can climb to the top of the Empire State Building and state, “I don’t believe in gravity” but if you fling yourself off you’ll not break the law of gravity merely PROVE it! As it is with all of Gods laws…He will not change and they will not change. Just the fact that He still allows people to CHOOSE to be gay is proof of his love and long-suffering but don’t think that there won’t be a penalty!

  17. CheechWizard

    Just be happy with your got it already. You don’t need to make another one. and if you have a pennus just keep on it, dont cut it off.
    For your health!

  18. ranndino

    I’m really enjoying how quickly Miley Cyrus is becoming a slutty whore. Hasn’t even turned 18 yet and already well on her way. What’s most important is that she’s doing that with the support of her family. You go, girl!

  19. GruuvPuppet

    Her body could use some work. She brings to mind a fleshy praying mantis in granny bloomers. And that jack-o-lantern smile ain’t helpin’ either. Why is this broad still making money on any continent? And why does anyone want to spy the crotch of a pubescent praying mantis? Lots of questions but sadly, no answers.

  20. namee

    miley cyrus, taylor momsen. today’s youth is slutty. they go for a hooker-style. o guess i’m just scared of what their kids are gonna do when they’re the same age. hope i won’t live that long to see, cause these two just make me sick now. just a thought.

  21. Selena

    Im bi-Sexual and i would love to finger that fuckin pussy, look at her just want her to cum in my mouth

  22. mileyfan1337

    miley’s pussy is such a tease. just leak a porno already !!

  23. mileyfan1337

    i want to bang miley sooo bad

  24. dollyfox

    i think miley and lindsay should start dating

  25. myley cyrus

    it is ok people…… my pussy was there but i think next time i might not even wear anything.
    how do u like that boys!!??

  26. Dagwood Smith

    I am a fifty nine year old afro – american man, and even i will eat that sweet young tender pussy of Miley Cyrus, like no man have ever eaten it before. By the time that i will get through with her, she would be moaning out of her mind and into a state of oblivion.

  27. ian

    she is so sexy! I want to lick her pussy so bad!!!

  28. LaurenxLovesickk

    At least she shaved.

  29. John

    I’d eat it

  30. Sara

    miley is the sexiest girl i have ever seen she is really hot and she got a nice ass down there i would love her down any kind of she is just down right hot i just want her sobad i want iwant her i really do did you see her tight cooch i love her

  31. я тебя люблю

    it was obviously accidental..ppl get a life she is a teenaged girl and she is doing what she loves-being a musician…do not be haters and idiots…besides she is sexy girl…i wish she was lesbian so i could have her, and save her from stupid men…lol

  32. mike

    I just think it’s sad that this once child star/hero has become a slut/whore and worst of all i cant believe her parents can sit by and let her do this to herself.they are bigger pieces of shit than her.

  33. u all need to shut the he** up

    god damn it leave miley alone seriously its not your fucking life not your fucking body and not your fucking career i dont aprrove of what her dad is letting her do but what can we do only SHE has control over her body and what she decides to wear all of you who want to fuk her are sick and thats even worse than showing off your vagina pube hair and kissing a other girl besides i dont even think she wants anything to do with u pervs and i dont care if u have a comeback like “oh then why are u here didnt you look at the picture too your just a perv like us” i dont care what you all say back cause i have a good reason all u have is a fucking picture miley like i said i dont approve of what your doing but i dont control your desiscions i just hope you dont lose everything u have alot of privealges and thinks most people your age dont have u can get it so easily but normal people like me we have to work extremely hard for things of the quality that u have it took me 12 years to get the money for my lambergini it would just take you 1 good song you have it made i hope you know that

  34. frank

    man this is not so bad but her smoking a freaking bong that draws the line for anyone, kids looked up to her now she is just like all the other celebrities honestly i thought she might be different but sure enough i was wrong.

  35. the identity

    she enjoys being sexy. is that a crime?

  36. Rantmaster1

    nice pic.

  37. Alice

    Miley is just letting people know that she’s DONE with Disney even if that does mean flashing your vagaygay or pole dancing or lapdancing your producer,
    Anyway Miley can choose if she wants to have a bad girl image.
    But humping a dancer on stage and smoking bong is a bit over the top.
    At least she’s not pregnant……or is she?????
    I think all her 22 year old freinds are setting a bad influence so do t hate Miley.


  38. Snyder187

    is it me or does miley cyrus have a huge head?

  39. Pauli

    She waxes her cunt, that’s sweet -yummy !

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