1. mary jane

    i wanna hear her say “I’m not a slut” again, especially after this.

  2. SATAN

    She clearly becomes totally oblivious to the world around her when she performs… it’s embarrassing.

    I’d probably take her in a celebrity death pool just behind Spears and Lohan.

  3. Do_Freebird

    When does she get the stripper tits?

    • Delilah

      It’s called puberty, genius.

    • Kitty23

      I also wonder dont u.i wonder how old till she can hav sex.anyway miley is a beautiful women and no one should expose her like that.mabe if someone does it to perez hilton he or she will feel what she feels.i mean thats messed up man.p.s. Im a newb so Im just trying to get to no people and fit in.if u could thatfor me that be great.

  4. Brianna

    Her thighs are hairy.

  5. AnnymousError

    Acting slutty, showing boobs, butts and vags only lowers your stock in Hollywood. Paris and Britney set a gold standard unfort and now everyone thinks that a little bit of crotch or nipple will boost their empire. It gets people talking for five minutes and in the long haul they sacrifice their integrity and end up in the looney bin and losing all of their cash.

  6. Frank

    The camel toe ho.

  7. jules

    Vag aside, I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned that her tiny, underaged breasts don’t even come close to filling out the corset top she decided to wear. It looks like a little girl trying to wear mommy’s bra before she really has anything up top… it’s sad.

  8. AMZ

    Lets stop talking about the underage camel toe and talk about Barack Obama there in the upper left corner. Why did the media cover him back up dancing for Miley Cyrus?

  9. Sean

    Its just a slip of one of her pussy lips, who cares?

  10. gil

    can u explain how exactly do we see the UNCENSORED version?

  11. Then again give me enough whiskey and boredom and I’ll hit anything from Miley to Ke$ha to that thing called Lily Allen.


  12. My dick in your mouth

    Randall you are a piece of shit!!!

  13. My dick in your mouth

    Randal, your a piece of shit!!!

  14. herbiefrog

    hey miley…

    you may be 16 +

    but you’re still a bit young to us…

    maybe have fun in private for a few months ?

    makes us feel somewhat uncomfortable…

    … i s t h at O K ?

  15. Moochy

    I see what Jamie Fox means about the gums now.

  16. This is what you get when parents sell thier childs soul to the mouse. Back in the 60′s and 70′s a person would sell their soul to Satan for fame, fourtune and Rock and Roll. Back then we got the likes of Led Zeplin, Blue Oyster Cult, the Who, Rolling Stones, Bad Company, Grand Funk Railroad, Kansas, Boston the list can go on forever….. Now what do we get. Parents sell their kids souls to the Mouse and we get Britney, Lindsey and Miley (we leave Christina Agularia out of this because at least that girl can sing!) You tell me who isnt the true evil one… I BLAME THE MOUSE!!!!

  17. Packinwood

    Has anyone in the world but me noticed that Miley Cyrus looks like the South bound end of a North bound mule nomatter what she’s wearing? She’s one ugly beotch!

  18. NoEnvy4FamousProgeny

    Somebody give that girl a carrot! She looks like Mr. Ed! Nayyyyyyyy!

  19. cheryl

    miley is ‘pushing the envelope’. expressing herself through her art’.. ‘being true to herself’. blah blah blah…translation…she’s pimping, & working that double chin.

  20. sana

    this is wrong in so many levels!!! why, oh why Miley.. my little sister loves you!!! i don’t want her seeing this! why would you… forget it, you are a moron

  21. KockKnocker

    Can you put the big red star over her choppers as well?

  22. HSpoonz

    Did she not think to shave/wax before a concert. I can see long hairs on the back of her upper thigh, the lights behind her leg make them really stand out. Ewww, IDK why people find her attractive. When you look at her from the tits down in this picture it’s almost as disturbing as looking at her from the tits up.

  23. yowillie

    Nice toe.

  24. Randal

    Fish, where are the men, the hot hunky men?


  25. fuzzlefizz

    holy cow I can see the outlines of her lips

    I’m gonna go stab my eyes for looking at a minor like that…. wait she’s 18…

    …HOLY COW!

    Nvm, she turns 18 in November… *stab* *stab*

  26. Y’all may not like my opinion, but every single last one of you is just jealous because of something that she has that none of you have. She has a strong religious faith, and doesn’t care what people like you have to say about her. All of y’all who are making really nasty comments about her should take a good look at yourselves and see what is lacking in your lives, and then re-evaluate where you stand in God’s eyes. If any of you are so perfect, why are you criticizing her. By doing so, that makes you as imperfect as she supposedly is. Most of you that are making the nasty comments are nothing but a bunch of perverts in the first place, and those of you that call her ugly, are just jealous because she is way prettier than any of you are. Maybe if you guys (generally speaking both men and women) would get some plastic surgery done, then you wouldn’t be so critical of other people.
    Go to church and start being nicer to others. Maybe you won’t go to hell when you die.

    • Mileybird

      Don’t say “y’all”, it makes your argument less solid. I had a hard time dealing with typing it just now and I am actually from Texas…okay?

      I really, honestly and truly do not think anyone is jealous of…Destiny Hope Cyrus, thats a pretty childish thing to say. I think people are pissed off at her because she is making money off of these shots and wearing only panties on stage when she is 17 years old and calling it art. You calling us jealous is something people like to call “projecting”, mmkay? A person with strong religious faith would never do the things that Miley does. That is just a marketing strategy to get people like you to buy her records. I really dislike that idiots like you make the jealous/jesus argument and contradict yourselves by doing so. Someone who puts their underage-god fearing bodies out for people to see for cash is not someone Christians should want rescue. She KNOWS what she’s doing, okay? She is not stupid or… possessed or whatever you think.
      “Go to church…Maybe you won’t go to hell when you die.”?

      • Mileybird

        “Go to church…Maybe you won’t go to hell when you die.”?

      • Mileybird

        “Go to church…Maybe you won’t go to hell when you die.”? That right there. That has gotta not be coming out of your mouth.
        This is a website that is a shrine to crotch shots and breasts, and your calling us ugly and perverted.
        What are you doing posting here for Christ sakes anyway? Jesus.

    • vgeohater

      vgeoffrion, while Mileybird for the most part is completely and utterly right, I think he underestimates just how stupid, illogical, and absurd of a person you probably are, and how outlandishly ridiculous your notions are. Because you are all of the aforementioned, and then some.

      Yes, everything that Miley Cyrus does, every choice she makes is ultimately a means to an end, the end of course being monetary gain. From the way she dresses for this or that appearance or show, to the crazy things she says that puts religious fanatics such as yourself and parent watchdog groups up in arms, or the tabloids into a gossip drenched feeding frenzy, all the way to her terrible music and self-promotion via products bearing her (and/or her character’s name), every single thing is a piece of the bigger puzzle that when put together equals nothing but a line of dollar signs millions of miles long. That much is true. Kids are smart, and in this day and age, it’s not hard to see what sells, what makes headlines, or specifically in this chick’s case, what sells albums. So it’s obvious Miley Cyrus understands just what a female must reduce herself to doing in order to “make it” in the industry in which she is in.

      All Miley Cyrus and her imaginative little underage mind that is quite obviously nothing more than a trough of celebrity-whoredom that’s filled with & constantly manifesting gossip-generating, money-producing, shit-stirring ideas aside, you need to realize the real perpetuators behind this girls celebrity. The real culprits that are bringing to light this girls ridiculous antics and sub-good choices are people like you who eat this shit up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the media in its various forms and outlets who are sensationalizing and constantly spoon feeding it to you. So long as you have a hankerin’ for this BS, the media will be there to satisfy your appetite. So even more than the people who technically make the decisions that ultimately lead to the situations like the one glorified in this and other pictures from completely separate occasions, it is the people who capture all this bullshit in the first place that make the entire charade so ridiculous. What will happen during a show will happen, and if these paparazzi waiting for this moment to pop up don’t get that moment, then nothing is said and nobody cares. But because this particular photographer got what his more or less HIS money shot, this story makes the headlines of celebrity news. To be honest, I’m of the mind that even though Miley does a lot of dumb shit just to make money, the majority of things that we see her do that are covered in the news or on sites like these, while in retrospect her doing whether it be the result of the way she dresses or the moves she does on stage, are only known and talked about because of those who capture it on camera and nobody but them. This shit that ends up in the news, Miley isn’t making a cent off of it, that is to say the pictures being out there, etc. Sure it indirectly gives her exposure causes people to in turn buy this or that of hers perhaps, but it’s not like the girl is in cahoots with all of the photographers who snap pics of her snapper… Those are just the doings of some sick motherfuckers and by far the biggest scum on the planet, the paparazzi. And that’s it.

      I doubt Miley Goes out on stage and intentionally thinks to herself, “Okay, this is it… I’m 17… time to show my snapper to I become the talk of the town.” In fact, if she’s the pious little girl you claim she is, then the fact she’s a God-fearing Christian is alone reason enough to think she doesn’t go out there with the intent of showing off the goods… In the end, everything this girl does is going to contribute to her cash flow in one way or another. But when it comes to the shit that floods gossip and celebrity websites, it’s all of the perverted paparazzi and photographers that are going to keep this underage girl’s boat of whoredom and sluttage afloat, and nobody but them. Nuff said.

  27. Jon

    Coochie coochie mama.

  28. Jon

    I have a boner.

  29. Jon34

    I have a boner.

  30. Nerd

    She’s got the jack…..she’s got the jack….

  31. kitty furry

    Chick’s got some weird teeth…”Smiley” Cyrus indeed..

  32. Fifi

    It’s absolutely ridiculous how many people find this slutty. I mean, really… Does she magically transform into a totally different person when she turns 18? No.. For fucks sake… All you people bitching and moaning about her are doing exactly what she wants… Getting people to talk about her. You people who trash celebs are idiots… And are only adding duel to the fire.

  33. stings

    Sweet camel toe!

  34. mateo

    Dear Superficial,

    Please stop putting stars over things that ARENT FUCKING NUDITY! For fuck’s sake, save it for nipples and ‘ginas!

  35. Why I am unable to view these photos without the damn star blocking the crotch shot?!

  36. nicesize

    steam clean it first, then i would lick and nibble it…..

  37. JimBob

    All I want to know is, what species is that zombie-like creature baring its teeth in the background of the photo? Dear God.

  38. why carnt i remove the star 2 see the pics,they usually remove when double click

  39. inyourhace

    just look at that upper row of teeth and gums. i rank her up there with kirsten dunst and sjp.

  40. Brooke

    More than the near-vaginal exposure (meh, not such a big deal… no wonder this is okay to post. But that’s a LOT of hair on her legs the light is catching… some pretty long ones too. Doesn’t she shave???

  41. n.c

    thats a lot gays round here with such gayword like noboner…

    go to gaysites.

    let miley be herself.

  42. n.c

    mmmmmmmmm miley thanks

  43. sarah certified

    why are her thighs so hairy? i can see them glistening in the stage lights. its startling. youre an effing pop princess. get it together please. i dont understand how she has time to browse the intimates department of sears but cant shave her hairy ass legs. “here miley! wrap these ribbons around your arms. it will make you look edgy!!”

  44. LLL

    She has thighass hair!!! OMG

  45. medium rare

    Dam… I would have guessed she would have had bigger, inner-labia. Looks like she’s one of those clean slit girls down there. I’m down with that.

  46. Eric

    How many months do I have to wait before I can wack off to those shots of her shaved twat?

  47. Fayers

    She’s too young for this stuff. I feel like I should go to jail just for looking…

  48. me







    just bcuz you are attracted to children and teens doesnt mean you have to look and comment sexually.

    you all really are disturbed and you think it is normal.


    sick mther fckers

    stay the fck away from my kids, perverts!!

  49. Shitty McPoop Dick

    Well, the good news is, she doesn’t have to wax, since she’s got no pubes yet.

    • stonewoody

      She’s had hair since she was 9. She has someone keeping that kittie clean and waxed. Those little golden hairs are natural…she’s a beautiful young woman who’s 18 in about 4 weeks. One word…DAAAAAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

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