1. your mom

    Really? A dream catcher in her armpit?

  2. yuck

    She looks like her dad. Except with a monkey face. Ugh, so long shameful boner. It’s been real.

  3. She looks like a damn carny. Smells like cabbage.

  4. Minako

    That can’t really be her? For a second a thought this was some redneck dude like Joe Dirt.

    Also WTF? at that tattoo.

  5. DoUchEbaGelS

    Given the chance, I’m sure her dad would have sex with her.

    • MichaelKnows

      “dad would have sex with her…”

      Excuse me while I stop laughing… loll

      You’re kidding yourself if you think that family tree has more than one branch.
      Mark my words, her first child will pop out of the womb with a full mullet humming to Achy Breaky. At the pace she’s going, I give her a year before she’s Mama Miley. The line-art dream catcher in her armpit says it all.

  6. The funny part is South Park pegged Miley as the new Britney over 3 years ago.

    Which is wild because who could have seen this coming? I mean who except the entire world excluding her dad.

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