1. Danklin

    Not her. That shirt is not the same one. Look how far down it comes on her ass in the naked picture. In the other pictures the back of the shirt is cut up so it doesnt come down as low. Simply not her for that reason and a slue of others.

  2. Danklin

    Look at the back of the shirt and how low it hangs in the naked picture. compare it to the other pics, the shirt doesn’t come down nearly as low. This was set up by some asshole blogger that never has anything to talk about so he makes up shit like this. Its simply not her

  3. For the love of god, you’d have to be an idiot to think this was her.

    Miley’s tits are bigger than that, you can tell from bikini pictures.

    The shirt in the naked picture is a lot longer than the shirt Miley is wearing in the other pics. It doesnt come anywhere near her ass like it does in the naked picture.

    Miley’s hair isnt frazzled like that. Her hair is straight, even when wet. It’s a lot thicker too.


  4. Look at the shirt guys. It hangs lower in the naked pic than in the other pics. It isnt even the same shirt! Plus Miley’s boobs are bigger and you can tell that just from bikini pics. Miley is at least a C cup. The tits in question look more like tennis balls in socks.

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