1. karlito

    if the cheating rumours are true…it’s boobie time!!!!!!

  2. JC

    Whoever’s telling her that she should put more and more emphasis on her “syndrome-style face” should really be fired.

  3. Mr. Poop

    Her head is three times too big for her body. This picture looks photoshopped.

  4. j/k

    She is the most consistently ugly 20yo on the planet.

  5. Billy Ray

    With normal hair, she can come off as sexy in a slutty way every once in a while. But the butch hairstyles are just totally leave me flaccid.

  6. Sean Penn just got a hard on and punched the wall and doesn’t even know why.

  7. Miley, stop trying to make the early 90s comeback happen! It’s not going to happen!

  8. sidhartha

    “Stupid is as stupid does!!!”

  9. Erik

    Oh, fuck you! Fuck you, Sam Rothstein! Fuck you!

  10. Phuq

    She look like that old lesbo from Walking Dead. HAHA

  11. huda nagi

    Honestly you guys that on this just saying hatefull thing need to stop like forreal that all u people do now a days say hatefull things to super stars and i dont care wat anyone say about miley new hair look or the way she dress i like it it miley it her look not ursand why do u guys care as long as she like it thats all that matters shes going to wear the cloths not u so cut with that bullshit also miley and liam were so fucken cute and their love story wasromantic u really dont hear of people make a movie together but’ in that movie the fall in love like they did and u guy arnt in their relationship everysecond to now that tha they broke up i honestly hope its not over but if it is i will forever sitck on miley side also like u poparatize people have no respect like come on if u were fmouse you wouldnt want a camera in ur face every second in ur face also u woluldnt want ur bussness all out their in the world like if she goes to the movies everyone will now thats her personal lif stay out of it miley stay strong just like you said on ur so the climb ;”sometime might knock me down but no iam not breaken” i listen to that song every morning its my fav

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