1. Coyote

    I don’t care for her but my dick wants her sooooo bad.

  2. Hank E Ring

    I want to get up in that ass.

  3. So that’s what can’t be tamed.

  4. medium rare

    Flat, straight, shapeless, cellulite awaiting legs… not a fan. Stank factor rising by the day.

  5. hannah

    That girl in the background is going to regret the angel wing tattoo someday. guaranteed.

  6. It’s hard to reconcile the general trolling comments of how flat / skanky / ugly / cellulite filled she is, with the perfectly sweet bum displayed in the picture. Occurs to me that troll’s may never have seen a woman naked in real life and comparing a real girl with a decent ass to the pixel perfection of that female night elf character in world of warcraft who swears she’s sixteen and pretty for realz realz, may not be the most objective form of comparison.

    … I’d hit it ftw.

  7. Dank

    Shapeless? If you think that ass is shapeless you dont know what a great ass is.

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