1. Cate

    Too easy.

  2. B

    What a fucking creeper.

  3. Visible Ink

    Insert joke here… or in here?

  4. lily

    ewww he is as skinny as she is….stick to your hott fiance, Miley.

  5. That’s some serious eye raping going on there.

  6. Frunken

    *cue Jaws theme*

  7. Looking in the water reflection to see if he’s looking at her crack.
    Next step to see if he admires it, or if it reminds him of Billy Ray’s.

  8. Rudy Huxtable

    He has a huge dong, Miley’s pretty boy fiance can’t keep up=

  9. justagirl

    OMG. i could bench press that dude, and i’m a female. Exactly how much video gaming do you have to do to have zero muscle tone as a male?

  10. Charlie Sheen

    Yes dude, that’s right where I want to put my tongue too…

  11. Charlie Sheen

    yes dude, that’s right where I want to stick my tongue too…

  12. samuel

    creepy jesus is coming…

  13. madagascar

    you too skinny bro!

  14. Steve

    Why is it this photo reminds me of Tom Green and Drew Barrymore?

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